Application as a curing accelerator

Ajicure PN-23 and MY-24 have been proven to be extremely effective curing accelerators for epoxy/DICY or epoxy/organic acid anhydride systems. In comparison to curing accelerators incorporating aromatic tertiary amines or imidazole derivatives, which tend to deteriorate quickly, Ajicure PN-23 and MY-24 offer a much longer pot or shelf life.

When either Ajicure PN-23 or MY-24 is incorporated into any of these latent systems as an accelerator in a range from 0.5 phr to 5 phr, the latency of the systems is not adversely affected, and stability is maintained for a month or more at temperatures as high as 40ºC. Yet systems can be cured at relatively lower temperatures in a short time: 100ºC/60 min. or 120ºC/30 min.

Application as a curing agent

Ajicure PN-23 and MY-24 can be used either alone or mixed together as a latent curing agent for epoxy resins. When Ajicure PN-23 or MY-24 is formulated into epoxy resin (DGEBA) at a level of 20 phr, the result is a mixture with an unusually long pot life that remains stable for as long as a month or more, even at temperatures as high as 40ºC. Mixtures may also be cured at 80 - 120ºC for 30 - 60 min. to provide a high Tg and good mechanical properties.

Electric & Electronics Surface Mount Technology=SMT adhesives (RED GLUE)
Adhesive for Chip On Board=COB (BLACK GLUE)
Encapsulation of relay-switch (Relay switch Potting GLUE)
Encapsulation of electronic parts
Conductive adhesives
Insulation (coil)
Structural Adhesives, Coat type vibration control material, Sealing material
Prepreg product
Automotive parts, Industrial parts, Semi-cured material etc
Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Sporting goods, Golf shaft, Fishing rod etc
Other Adhesives
Various heat cure adhesives
Coating Powder coating

Final Application of One/Single Component Epoxy Adhesive

Red Glue for SMT Adhesive (Surface mount technology = Chip bonding)


Black Glue for COB adhesive (Chip On Board adhesive)




Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic COMPOSITE / Prepreg



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