One-Package Latent Curing Agents and Accelerators for Epoxy Resin

Ajicure PN-23 and Ajicure MY-24, epoxy resin hardeners and promoters for epoxy /DICY or epoxy/acid anhydride composition.
Both Ajicure PN-23 and MY-24 are micro-ground powders consisting of amine adducts combined with epoxy resin derived from the reaction of compounds
having tertiary amino group and epoxy compounds.

Ajicure, mixed and dispersed into epoxy resin, is essentially insoluble in epoxy resins under normal conditions (at room temperature).
Thus an Ajicure and epoxy resin mixture is stable and provides a long pot life. Further, when this mixture is heated to 80ºC or 100ºC,
Ajicure powder dissolves into the epoxy resins, resulting in an extremely rapid curing reaction.

Since the curing reaction depends upon a simple phase change,
it initiates much more quickly than with the dissociation reactions typical of other types of latent curing agents or accelerators, such as DICY or urea compounds.

In summary, Ajicure PN-23 and MY-24:

  • Are easily dispersible with resins
  • Provide high storage stability and longer pot life
  • Can be cured at lower temperatures in a shorter time
  • Provide good curing properties
  • Reduce the potential of skin irritation

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